The Bloom

The Bloom is the longest period in a cycle but it isn’t necessarily the least dangerous. As sunlight bathes the land once more long dormant seeds and surviving root systems bloom into life with an almost predatory speed. Bush thickets seem to rise overnight, poisonous creeper vines choke the life from day-sleeping animals and destroy large swathes of mushroom woodlands. Fueled by the sun the wild Bloom explodes all across the face of the earth. Many of those communities that have barely survived the Dark and Twilight are swallowed by the rampant growth of the bloom. Animal species dead for decades wake up overnight. Insect swarms that have lied dormant cross the land feeding on everything in their way. Animals that have lost size and weight with each generation start growing to preposterous sizes. Long dormant predators emerge into the sun ravenously hungry.

What few humans survive have all this to contend with and their own kind. Bands of cannibals driven mad by a generation of feeding on mushrooms and men need to be put down. Mad mages still roam the land. Raiders and would-be warlords cut trails of blood and tears across the land. For six cycles, the Covenant mages have helped alleviate all these faults but nothing is certain in the world and every cycle, the Monastery is in danger of being destroyed.

The first few years of the Bloom are wild but things get better as humanity emerges from its hiding places, puts its tearful past behind and begins to rebuild civilization once more.

They live, love, build empires and slaughter each other over parcels of land. They rise and fall under the sun.

Until, that is, the coming Dark.

The Bloom

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