Blood Control

Blood Control
Rank: Varies
Power Points: 2
Range: Smarts
Duration: 1 (2/round)
Trappings: Caster is incapacitated, strong smell of rust
School: Entropy

Blood Control causes the victim’s blood to rapidly coagulate, eventually resulting in massive injury or death. As the spell is cast, the mage pours most of their life force into
maintaining the spell, suffering, or eventually benefitting from, one of the effects listed below, according to their rank.

  • Novice: effectively incapacitated, unable to perform any action other than maintaining or stopping the spell.
  • Seasoned: unable to move from the spot where the spell commenced, but can otherwise act normally.
  • Veteran: no adverse effect other than the regular penalty for maintaining a power.
  • Heroic: each raise on the initial casting check allows the mage to affect an additional victim.
  • Legendary: the spell can no longer be interrupted, once cast, and continues maintaining automatically for a duration equal the mage’s Smarts die.

The mage must succeed at a casting roll when the spell is initiated. If they succeed, the spell begins, with no effect on the casting round. On the next round, the victim becomes shaken as their blood begins to coagulate. On each subsequent round, the caster rolls a spellcasting check, opposed by the victim’s vigor roll. If the caster wins, the victim takes a level of fatigue, with each additional round causing another level of fatigue. If the victim wins, the effect is delayed. The spell can be maintained as long as the mage has power points, or can physically maintain the spell. The spell can be interrupted by breaking the mage’s concentration (except if the mage is of Legendary rank, as noted above) or by the victim succeeding on three successive Vigor checks (thus slowing the process of coagulation to a halt).
If the victim moves to a range longer than twice the mage’s Smarts, the spell costs double to maintain. Every time the range is doubled, the cost is also doubled, meaning at sufficient range the spell is effectively impossible to maintain.

Blood Control

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