Ruck the Bonegnasher

Chieftain of the Cackling Horrors


Ruck was born the brother of one of the great chieftains of the Foothills. His father, the chieftain at the time, did not wish any competition for his first son, and ordered his mother to kill the child. She took pity and gave him away to a family that was to leave the tribe. Ruck grew up a jealous child in a family of outcasts, but nevertheless strong and fearsome.

Eventually, he gathered other outcasts and exiles around himself and formed the Cackling Horrors tribe, whom he leads mostly by virtue of his brutish personality, scaring them into submission.

Ruck was decidedly angered by Mara’s escape, and the circumstances around, and now seeks revenge, having already sent almost two dozen men after her to recover his property.

Ruck the Bonegnasher

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