Dying of the Light

5: Society in Darkness

The Stonefast

Society in darkness/ A people in the dark/ Cannot exist in fairness/ Without a brighter start.
So cast away the shadows/ And let the Law Beget / Corruption to the Gallows/ And Rule for ever met.

Stonefast Children’s Brigade Chant

After a hard night the survivors carry on through the badlands towards the Causeway, the stone highway built by the Stonefast. On the way the Captain narrates how he had lost his fingers. After a few more hours they arrive at a Causeway inn where they have enough time to grab a bit of food and rest (as well as a bit of money and companionship for Amit) before they carry onwards towards the Keep. More discussions on the stonefast follow along the way until finally the group of soldiers and prisoners pulls into the Stonefast outskirts. Greeted first by the crowds and then the corpses of bandits and rebels, the three heroes make their way into the Stonefast. The entryway is grim and deadly, the Merchant District is a cacophonous roar but finally the captain takes his wards to the garrison within the Stonefast. They part ways and the three unlikely heroes receive quarters and an escort to go about the garrison wherever they see fit. They take a bath in the small bath-house attached to the Garrison and although Amit and Jin leave to get dinner, Mara is so Impressed that she stays behind.

She manages to make a new friend in a trainee guard called Aman sent to act as her escort as the others go after dinner to the medical area where they encounter a strange and a tad disturbed doctor, originally from the West who talks to Jin about the dangerous physical effects of Magic, something Amit finds particularly worrisome. They manage to convince him to donate one of his prize magic-reacting fungi for Jin to take back to the Seat. With Jin’s broken foot now fixed and in a cast the two companions return to their quarters…


2 AP



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