The Twilight

After the Dark casts its chilling touch over the land the world is left in tatters, ravaged by dire things from below, with hundreds of thousands of dead and dying and with most life wiped clean off the face of the earth. But the dark is only the beginning.

As soon as the eclipse ends it becomes quite obvious that everything is not back to normal. The dust and volcanic ash in the sky leave the world cloaked in a perpetual penumbra. The little light that makes it to the ground is not enough to sustain most surviving plants nor is it enough to melt the ice banks choking rivers and seas. The land is dead and it stays dead for many years.

As the dust choking the sky starts to clear the ice starts to melt and the spores of fungi long dormant underground start to bloom, taking over the land. Bioluminescent fungus patches light the night and giant towercap forests grow on the rotten remains of tree glades.

Strange animals, quite a few who are symbiotic beasts, stalk these mushroom forests. Strange underground leather-birds take to the sky on the look for prey. Humanity slowly withers away as resources, madness and in-fighting destroys communities. What few communities do survive are forced to extreme measures. Culls, summary executions for the slightest offences and even cannibalism are not unheard of.

Slowly, over the years, the dust settles and the twilight slowly abates. Civilization’s downwards spiral draws to its end and The Covenant mages emerge to spread civilization once more. At the same time, as the sun grows in power once more green plants start slowly blooming, grappling with the fungi for territory. The age of the Bloom approaches.

The Twilight

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