The Dark

The Dark is the most fundamentally destructive event in the course of a cycle. A solar eclipse lasting days and spanning the whole planet, coupled with terrible earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, rogue tides, dust storms and even asteroid impacts, the dark is a terrible thing to behold, and a hard thing to survive.

The first definite sign of the Dark is the ‘Crying’, a shower of starmetal meteors that lasts a whole day. Observant people can tell a dark is approaching before, with migration pattern shifts in animals and unexpected tides, as well as the odd smoking volcano Yet with the crying everybody knows that the Dark is but a month away. That very same night

Soon after, strange things start happening. Tremors, strange moods and headaches, animal attacks, spontaneous plant deaths. People start panicking communities start closing their doors or heading for holdfasts. Then Tharak, the devourer starts to slowly cover the Sun and all hell breaks loose.

As if afflicted by some strange disease all mages in the world start crying blood. But that is the least of their concerns as the internal bleeding is much worse. Many die, many are left comatose. A significant few go insane. And it is the wrong time to go insane as all mages find their magic amplified mightily. Whole cities are wiped out by one insane spellcaster.

At the same time the troubles start, with earthquakes, rogue tides and disastrous storms laying waste to everything and everyone. As the sun grows darker and starmetal gets brighter the whole planet starts to shake to its very core. Giant volcanoes errupt, earthquakes intensify and finally the sun goes dark.

What follows next is a great frost. The Eclipse lasts for a long time, almost a week and the temperature drops more with every passing hour. Rivers freeze, vegetation and wildlife die out, oceans start to solidify, even the air starts to become hard to breathe. By the time the dark starts to pass the majority of land dwelling species are dead. Humans included.

But out of the cold depths of the earth strange, monstrous creatures come out and they are drawn to starmetal and mages like moths to a flame.

The Dark eventually passes. But what few people survived it have decades of cold and dark to look forward to. The Twilight is about to start.

The Dark

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