The Bastion of the Mind

Like ocean tides on jagged cliffs so the weak-willed break against the BASTION OF THE MIND

The Bastion of the Mind is, strangely enough an actual bastion. The northern Wall of the Seat of the order consists of one giant stone castle that houses the academy of magic. It is a bit unfair to call the Bastion an academy for it is much more akin to a cult or religion, minus the mystical dimensions. The Order doesn’t preach forgiveness or submission, instead it preaches self-betterment by self discovery and rugged individualism.

The Bastion of the Mind started as one ‘prophet’ of self-determination, a powerful mage and his group of followers cutting a swathe across the southern Steppes. Their advance raised the ire of local warlords as well as the Stonefast, less isolationist in those days, who raised a massive communal army to put the upstart mage in his place. The armies were joined in battle at the very heart of the steppes and through his use of magic and tactics the nameless prophet was victorious.

The site of that battle is where the Seat of the Order now stands. Built to protect the victors against further incursions the Seat has grown over the span of three cycles into a massive fortress. And at its heart, protecting the northern flank, is the Bastion of the Mind, the oldest part of the city.

The Bastion is a very meritocratic society, in many ways the polar opposite of the Tower of Flame. Apprentices are taken in solely on the degree of their natural skill with the gift, indeed particularly gifted children discovered by Order Militants are taken against their will and indoctrinated by the Blue mages into staying. For the ability to mold and guard minds is the Bastion’s foremost gift. No other mages are as gifted at Mind magic, nor as dedicated to a mind-over-body philosophy as the Bastion Mages. Training focuses almost as much on self control and meditation techniques as magic itself and even the most gifted apprentices aren’t advanced to full mage status until they are in total control of their mind. After their training is complete the Blue mages get to choose between archival work and meditation within the bastion or five years on the road, doing archival research and gathering apprentices, accompanied by an Order Militant. Most choose the latter and the sight of blue robed mages and their swordsmen bodyguards are a common sight throughout Tramath.

Bastion Mages have a strange cost-benefit outlook on life. They do not undertake any action without first analysing the implications at both a personal and an Order level. This and their tin monotone has often caused them to be considered emotionless and unlikeable. Truth is that despite their individualist, reason-centric approach to life, Order mages are people and prone to the same faults as anyone else. They are just better trained to suppress and hide them.

The Bastion of the Mind

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