Geologically the world is rather young with tall mountain chains and volcano clusters. It is mostly one large continent, with a few breakaway island chains and peninsulas. The climate is quite hot during Bloom periods and massive sprawling rainforests and dense temperate woodlands spread like wildfire all around. The seas are melting pots, hotbeds for evolution full of strange things, both frightening and marvellous. Hot air from the oceans drive pressure systems that give birth to violent storm fronts that batter themselves against the land.

The mega-continent itself is divided in four parts by a mountainous cluster. The Spine mountains are divided into the Spine-across, the oft impossibly tall backbone of the continent stretching from the south west corner to the north east one, as well as the lower Spine-above and Spine-below. The central areas are the highest and therefore usually the coolest. Much of the landmass is tropical or subtropical.

The far east is sprawling and mostly barren despite very large population centers. This is due to violent twisters and thunderstorms sweeping the savannas, deserts and tropical pine forests regularly. Townships are far between but large and often sophisticated. A large inner sea dominates the center, up to the foothills of the Spine-Across and it is an important trade hub. The southern reaches of the Spine-below stretch into a rugged peninsula called the black mountains due to their volcanic, oft obsidian peaks, generally devoid of most life. large volcanic islands surround it and there are rumours of wondrous creatures inhabiting them.

The Land Above the Spine, the Northern reaches, are mostly flat and hilly dominated by squabbling magocratic states and holdfasts. A chillier land of endless marshes, wind swept hills and dense forests, it is a massive but oft politically and economically unimportant swathe of the continent.

The West is the most populous part of the world in this cycle as well as the most developed. A large central area is controlled by Azalai, the Empire of the Sun, a well organized political entity, ever expanding despite the looming threat of the coming Dark, secure in their belief that Darks to come have been vanquished by their prophet. To the north-west is a peninsula where the Spine-above is at its lowest, called the Yellow Peaks. South of the peaks but north of the Azalai borders is a perpetually fog-choked area haunted by unnatural things where the sole bastion of civilization is the strange Witherfort. The Lantern Road crosses these eldritch wastes up to its terminus point , on the cliffs above the north west seas where the single biggest bastion of civilization, The Monastery of the Covenant can be found. West of the Azalai Empire is the strange Eternal Glade and its half human inhabitants. South of Azalai, through impenetrable jungles is Kalal-Azbeth, City under the Moon, home to the Disciples of the Crying and their baleful magics.

South of the Spine-across is a monsoon-washed steppe that is the home to numerous warring tribes, but also to the powerful walls of the Seat of the Order. The foothills of the Spine are full of rainforests surrounding these steppes and impenetrable jungles to the south round up this circle of foliage. The Stonefast dominates the Spine’s foothills and often launches punitive strikes against the tribes to the south.


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