Rank: Novice
Power Points: 2-4
Range: Smarts
Duration: Special
Trappings: Gluebomb, vines, handcuffs, spider webs.
School: Force

This power allows the character to restrain a target with snaking vines, lengths of hair, spider webs or some other vine like trapping.

The arcane skill roll is opposed by the target’s Agility. Success indicates partial restraint so that the target suffers a -2 penalty to Pace and skills linked to Agility and Strength. A raise restrains the target fully. He cannot move or use any skills linked to Agility or Strength.

Each following round, an entangled target may make a Strength or Agility roll to break free. Other characters may also attempt to free the ensnared person by making a Strength roll at -2.

For 2 Power Points entangle targets a single opponent. For 4 points it affects everyone in a Medium Burst Template.


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