A Magic Primer

Magic is a fickle force, one that countless sages have been unable to explain fully. Very few things are known for certain about the gift of the arcane, but three things are without doubt:

Magic comes from within

Often when people think of magic they think of the great academies with their countless students. This has lead to the belief that magic is simply a set of rules that can be taught to anybody. This is untrue. Magic can be taught, but only to a select few who have the ability to practice magic. This is something one is born with, not taught. Training the mind for magic makes one more resistant to the effects of the crying but many great mages spawned by the Dark were never trained in magic, just very good at it.

Magic is Influenced by the outside world

Although magic is a personal power, one that cannot be taught to people who do not have the gift, it is heavily influenced by outside factors. The most powerful influence of course is the Crying, an event that amplifies magic power but also ravages a mage’s insides, often killing them or driving them insane. Starmetal also seems to have a powerful amplifying effect on the arcane.

Magic is Natural and Limited

Although Magic has many strange effects it is understood by sages as a manipulation of the natural and not supernatural world. Therefore it cannot achieve the impossible, like reversing death or creating something out of nothing.

A Magic Primer

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