An exile with a bumleg


Name: Jin
Race: Human
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength d6, Vigor d8
Skills: Climbing d6, Fighting d10, Notice d6, Riding d6, Shooting d4, Stealth d4, Survival d4
Pace: 5, Parry: 7, Toughness: 8(2), Charisma: 0
Gear: Katana d10+1(Str+d6+2), Chain Vest (+2), Backpack, Waterskin, Clothing (Normal), Flint and Steel, Torch, Trail Rations, Whistle
Special Abilities:
•Code of Honor: Honor is key; Keeps word, won’t abuse/kill prisoners, etc.
•Deathwish (Avenge the Death of X): Does anything to achieve goal
•Vow (No Mage Shall Die Again): Vow causes problems
•First Strike: Free attack vs. foe who moves adjacent (1/turn)
•Nerves of Steel: Ignore 1 point of wound penalties
Tracked Resources:
   Bennies – 0/3
XP 11
Novice Rank 2 – Increase Spirit to d8
Novice Rank 3 – Trademark Weapon


A few months before the Dark, several miles south of the Seat.

“To tell you who I am, is to learn the darkest secrets of our world.”


“Why so gloomy friend? I am but jesting. Come drink with a fellow traveler, the storm has yet to break. Stop dwelling on the past, your journey is but beginning”


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