Dying of the Light

6b: Veterans

Stonefast Hinterlands

Politics is the art of navigating between the cane, that one uses to punish others and the dagger that one uses to get rid of them. There are also words involved but they are mostly used along the way, for deception.

Kajura Animir’s Memoirs

Waking up to find that Mara hasn’t slept in her bed, Jin asks to be taken to see Cpt. Animir hoping that he might know where she is. The two of them have a soldier’s breakfast, reminiscing over Jin’s past, things that are, things that could be, things that will never be.

The captain then offers to take Jin to observe the proceedings. What should be a simple deposition only proves that politics are a far more dangerous weapon than any sword.

As Jin finds himself escorted to the Merchant’s District, Mara’s fate remains uncertain.


1 AP

Ornate Cane, that belonged to Cpt. Animir’s grandfather


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