Dying of the Light

4: The Roost

The Roost, Stonefast Hinterlands

There is value in diverging opinions, debate and popular vote. Yet there is more value in unity of action, determination and stability. With society teetering so oft on the edge of the abyss the only cleavages we can admit in our society are those sliced by the tip of the blade.

High Judge Almaeus Ajalmir, Thirteenth address to Stonefast Citizens

After the discussion in the cave where the Stonefast Border guards had their camp the three prisoners are disarmed, mounted on horses and taken for a long ride towards the Fast. Mara convinces Animir, the guard captain to leave her hands untied and she shares a horse with Amit.

Amit starts to talk to the guards, particularly the captain on the way while Mara focuses and isolates herself from the world, focusing on concentrating. Though Amit and the captain are quite loud and at one point they address her directly she focuses better than ever before. Jin rides in the back, silently analysing the situation.

Eventually, they arrive at what the Stonefast calls “the Roost”, an odd cave-outpost, designed to offer protection by way of a bottlenecked door on one side, and a sheer cliff face on the other. The evening goes on with some interesting, if rather heated discussions related to the policies and laws of the Stonefast, and the livelihood of the Southern tribes. Amit in particular voices some very strong opinions about the harsh methods of the Stonefast, much to the disgust of the captain.

During the night, as everyone sleeps, Mara is woken up by a strange dream, much to everyone’s luck, as she is just awake enough to notice an ambush… by her old tribe.

After a prolonged melee, the Stonefast guards prevailed, with only one casualty, though the captain appeared to be much worse for wear, not unlike Mara and Jin who had also sustained some very serious wounds. Mara instructed the guards to leave her alone with the captain, and performed a ritual to ease his magically-addled mind. The results however… were more than anyone expected.


2 AP


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