Dying of the Light

0: The Dark Below

Avan Heights

Do not Go/ Into the Dark Below

Old Children’s Rhyme

Running away from her tribe Mara stumbles into the strange remains of a lost expedition. After noticing strange markings she finds an old cave camp. Realizing she’s hunted she runs away but ends up scaling a cliff and getting stranded in another cave bearing the same markings.

She discovers a lost expedition journal in an unknown language. Making her way deep within the cave system she finds the decomposing bodies of several expedition members as well as a strange forest of columns which turn out to be cocoons of some unfathomable beast. She disturbs one, which stalks her through the maze like caves.

She barely manages to escape but falls in the middle of the camp of her trackers. The beast and the trackers fight, and the baleful beast wins, offering enough time for Mara to escape and make her way down the mountain. Two days later she emerges from the foothill jungles into the southern steppes and notices a column of smoke ahead…




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